KlimaForum09 / COP 15 Demonstration
Copenhagen, Denmark

o    Oct. 13-Dec. 5 in Portland: Collaborate with Alec Neal and Matt Warren to create demonstration signs, these will be sent to Copenhagen. All signs will be on canvas, between 2 meters to 5 meters and able to be rolled or folded for ease of mailing.

o    Dec. 7-18 or 10-14 in Copenhagen: Attend and give a workshop at Klimaforum09

o    Carry signs in demonstration on Dec. 12
o    Carry signs into COP 15 conference takeover on Dec. 16

The Green Exchange
An exchange in sustainable technology+modalities between Portland, Paris (Bétonsalon), and New York City (apexart), through presentations, fieldtrips, and hands-on workshops. Have set of sustainability criteria to look at: urban planning, buildings, “waste,” green space, food, water, energy, transportation, healthcare, society

o    In Portland

o    In Paris

o    In NYC

o    Return to Portland

Parties Prenantes

Dec. 5-20, 2009
University of Paris Diderot – Paris 7

My project at Bétonsalon will involve an exchange in best practices of sustainability between Portland and Paris.

o    I will learn from the neighborhood about their methods for living sustainably by meeting with neighbors to get a “sustainability tour” of their homes, businesses, energy utilities, water sewage treatment plants, landfills, subway system etc.
o    I will also teach them techniques used in Portland, such as creating vermiculture composting bins, rain barrels, eco-roofs, renewable energy, biking as transportation / urban bike path design, gleaning and incorporating food plants and native plants into urban landscaping.
o    I will organize hands on workshops where the neighbors and I will create the green technologies and systems; what we create will be something the neighbors can share and build upon in the future.
o    Upon return to Portland, I will do a hands-on presentation at PSU to share Parisian and New York City techniques for living green.

The Incidental Person

New York City

At apexart, I will exhibit documentation (drawings, writing and photography) of my Parisian sustainability exchange project. I will also host a sustainability-exchange workshop at apexart.

o    This workshop will be similar to the one in Paris but more focused on exchanging Portland and Parisian techniques with the techniques developed by New York City’s environmental sustainability nonprofits and community organizations, such as the Lower East Side Ecology Center and Added Value / Red Hook Urban Farms, subway system.
o    I will organize the workshop and contact NYC sustainability organizations before my trip to Paris.

o    Logistics: The exhibit runs from January 6 – February 20, 2010. I will fly from Paris to New York City on December 25. From December 25 – January 5, I will create an artistic documentation of my Paris project, install the art exhibit at Apex, and make any final arrangements with New York City sustainability organizations. The workshop will happen on the morning of January 6. The exhibit will have an opening celebration in the evening of January 6. On January 7, I will return to Portland.

Tree Toothpick
Dig a tree stump out of a clear-cut forest. Glue toothpicks on it to form a “toothpick bark.”  Moss graffiti growing on top/rings of stump reading “remake the way we make things” or “silviculture.”

Coordinate with Office of Environmental Services to use a brownfield for this art piece. Test soil of brown field. Talk to Paul Stamets about using fungi to detoxify soil. Plant fungi in the shape of the word “DETOX”. Allow mushrooms to grow and detoxify soil, photograph and retest soil.

Outgrow War
Project in process. The phrase “Outgrow War” has been painted on wood board. The board will stay outside until the spores germinate in the spring to create a ¼ – ½ inch layer of moss, following the pattern of the letters.

The Life Box
Create a large-scale cardboard sculpture (perhaps a house for a homeless person to live in). After the sculpture/house has fulfilled its use, put water and soil on it and let it grow.

Living Sculptures
Alec Neal and I applied for a RACC grant for this project. If we get it we will: create raw clay ceramic sculptures reminiscent of art nouveau seedpods, plants seeds in them and let them sprout/bloom/die; paint a moss mural on the wall and pedestal.

Blood for Oil
Painting of a US soldier 2 Iraqis crucified on oil wells. Endless field of oil wells in distance.

Project in progress. 6 foot colored pencil of a tree dissolving into a cloud. I am in the process of cutting it out. I will then hang colored pencil drawings of flowers and the word “silviculture” from it. This is a reference to how the Japanese and Papua New Guineans used silviculture (tree farming) to save their societies from collapse.

Silviculture #2
Images of healthy forests overlayed over clear-cut forests. The healthy forests will have images of ties in the shapes of nooses cut of them, so when you look through the tie nooses, you see the clear-cut.

Bridge Series
I will apply for a RACC Portland Building Installation grant for this project. Similar to my lace-like paper steel bridge cutout paired with “Make Love Not War” hanging from its towers, I will replicate this process for all the bridges along Portland’s section of the Willamette. The phrases will have some sort of inspirational social/environmental motif. The bridges will be hung in front of one another in a row between each bridge—just as if the bridges were going over a river. The distance between the bridges will correspond in scale to the distance between them on the Willamette. Viewers will be able to look “down the river” through the layers of bridges or walk in between them to look at them individually.

Drawings of hands referencing 60s revolutionary organizations/movements, paired with green technology.
o    The “black power fist” made out of solar panels
o    The peace sign with the two upwards fingers made out of wind turbines
o    Fingers growing like roots into the soil
o    The Food Not Bombs  carrot/power fist

Bicycle Inner Tube Wallets
Bicycle inner tubes sewn together into fabric like sheets, then sewn into the shape of a wallet. Silk-screened image on top.

T-shirt Series
Collaboration with printmaker Matt Warren. Series silk-screened text on t-shirts (and possibly Greenpower images). Phrases have a social, environmental, political motif and use humor/light heartedness when possible:
o    Real vegans don’t swallow
o    Amy Goodman is my hero
o    Jared Diamond is my wisdom keeper
o    Dan Carlin is my neo-compass
o    People and planet before profit
o    Dilution is not the solution to pollution
o    I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier


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