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Katherine Ball
Co-Curator, SEA Change

MFA Candidate, Portland State University

Katherine is an artist, curator, and passionate environmentalist in Portland, Oregon

SEA Change is an art gallery and community gathering space in downtown Portland. SEA=Social Environmental Art. By fusing evolutionary artists with community-based initiatives, SEA Change is helping put the puzzle pieces together of how to harmoniously integrate nature and society. SEA Change’s past exhibits included Profane Relics (www.profanerelics.wordpress.com) an archaeological sculpture about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and A Room-A Loom—a 25 foot interactive weaving experiment made with reused materials. Currently, SEA Change’s main events are social services: the Free Market—a free produce and healthy bakery market; and Public Social University—a community-led free school/group therapy organized by Judith Fleming and Rozzell Medina.

This fall, Katherine started graduate school at Portland State University’s MFA in Art in Social Practice program. Rather than sculpting a material into an art object, Studio Practice Art sculpts society though community engagement. Katherine and her peers will be exhibiting at Apex (www.apexart.org) and Smackmellon (www.smackmellon.org) in New York City and Betonsalon (www.betonsalon.net) in Paris in 2010.

In addition, Katherine is taking a community course in Permaculture (www.patternliteracy.com), enjoys playing capoeira, and spending time with her wonderful and supportive partner Alec Neal.


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